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Center for Human Development Technology and Holistic Science:

Development Workshops

SOHtech is being set up to provide an on-line resource for:

  • Development workshops in yoga, tai chi, personal development, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and other similar development focused disciplines. The aim is to do the following:
    • Research these kinds of technology and develop new exercise programmes that help to provide behavioural solutions for 21st century health problems and performance enhancement initiatives.
    • Promote these technologies online, to a wider audience through websites and community boards.
    • Inform the general public about these technologies and the purpose they can serve through online books and information manuals.
    • Provide a one-stop online enrolment service for any courses nationwide.
    • Provide full administration services for any courses nationwide.

  • Holistic Science: knowledge systems that embrace the holistic characteristics of the natural world. There is only so much that can be achieved through the current reductionist perspective. Holistic science provides a balance that is lacking in scientific endeavour. At Sohtech the aim is to:
    • Bring together and develop Holistic Science knowledge systems.
    • Provide online courses.
    • Eventually lead to bricks and mortar Holistic Science Courses.

On-line Campus

  • Enrol in a course in your location anywhere in the country.
  • Take part in an on-line community.
  • Learn about your own developmental potential.
  • Look at science from a holistic perspective.

visit our on-line campus

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